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2. Plan

Gather measurements, develop a budget and
select the flooring product that's perfect for you.

What is the best carpet for my room?

best carpet

Choosing the best carpet for your room depends greatly on your lifestyle, budget and the purpose of the room. Compare different prices, styles and carpet colors, as well as features and benefits until you find a carpet that best fits your flooring need. Typically, a carpet’s primary feature is either softness or stain resistance. Some carpet styles are made specifically for rooms that have heavier foot traffic, while others are made to resist almost any spill.


Soft carpets come in all different colors, patterns and styles, from plush to casual. Often times, extra soft carpet is also very durable, strong, and can withstand a lot of heavy foot traffic. Some super soft carpet may require special maintenance. Consult an expert at your local Carpet One Floor & Home store for more information.

Stain Resistant

A stain-resistant carpet will repel most liquids and spills providing for a quick and easy clean up. Stain-resistant carpet will help shield spills from penetrating into the carpet cushion and sub floor. Typically, stain resistant carpets are a perfect solution for households with kids or pets.

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